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Cardiff (Wales): The international conference
Cardiff (Wales) hosted the international conference on the topic: ‘Ethical Approaches to Peaceful Coexistence’, on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017.
On this international conference, the keynote speaker was the Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia, Dr. Mustafa Ceric.

Dr. Mustafa Cerić, reisu-l-ulema (1993 - 2012) | December 6th, 2017
My hitchhiking story where I met up with
align=rightBernard Livingston, a Vietnam veteran, met the meaning of life on this earth, he saw and experienced what people can do to others, he knows what war is, it seems that he understands who created the shadow of evil in Bosnia, who systematically navigated the crimes and aggression against the Bosnian people, who created the nasty war.

Šahin Šišić | December 2nd, 2017
While the court is not free of failings – not least for an apparent and disastrous lapse of security when Praljak was able to poison himself inside the courtroom – it would have been overly optimistic that the court could ever counteract ‘hijacked justice’, as Jelena Subotic has fittingly described it.

Florian Biebe | November 30th, 2017
When I asked the Grand Mufti what he would say to the rightwing Europeans who say that Islam is not European, he replied that Muslims have to show Europe that they are ready to find their “equal space” in Europe. “Of course,” Kavazovic continued, “we do have challenges. The politicians are poisoning things, making it difficult for people to reconnect. We see it on a daily basis that it’s drawing back, that that seed is growing back.”

Akbar Ahmed | November 4th, 2017
Bosnian officials and diplomats are being kept busy these days, fending off attacks on their country as a jihadist hub in the middle of Europe.

The Czech President was the latest to weigh on in this hot theme, as BIRN reported this week.

Marcus Tanner | September 4th, 2017
Especially after the former prime minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, became the president of Serbia, who around 20 years ago to the counsel of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Aleksandar Vučić stated, “For every one Serbian killed, 100 muslims will be killed because of that and we will see if anyone can attack Serbia...” The future generations around the whole world have to stand against all of this hate, so that genocide and the Holocaust never happens again.

Ammar Krcic | August 23rd, 2017
A few days after the fall of Srebrenica, while the killing was going on, I was driving through the battle of Igman in a battered old Renault 5 with some Bosnian friends. We were heading for the secret tunnel dug under the airfield by which we hoped to arrive in besieged Sarajevo. By the time we arrived in city, the whole place was abuzz with some terrible event – even more terrible than the other horrors of the Bosnian war – which had happened in the Srebrenica “safe haven”.

Paddy Ashdown, bivši visoki predstavnik u BiH | July 13th, 2017
An Appeal to the European Muslims:
My faith is not the knife! My faith is not terror. My Allah is Loving and Merciful! My faith is common sense and a warm word. But how am I going to explain it to my neighbors in Europe? After the Manchester and London attacks, they have no will to listen to me anymore. They don't buy my faith's stories of love; they don't care about my faith's beautiful narratives.

Dr. Mustafa Cerić, reisu-l-ulema (1993 - 2012) | June 10th, 2017
This letter is long overdue. Sorry, I was scared to write you. Indeed, I was wordless. I was dumb. My whole body was frozen. I couldn't walk. I couldn't talk. I couldn't do anything but think of what happened the other day in London. How're you doing? Are you scared like me? I wanted to tell you not to be scared, but caught myself in an additional fear. I was afraid you would think of me as a hypocrite if I tell you so.

Dr. Mustafa Cerić, reisu-l-ulema (1993 - 2012) | June 7th, 2017
The Serbian Republic, when in Prijedor on May 31st, 1992, issued an order via local radio that the non-Serb population mark their houses with white flags or sheets, as well as wrapping white tape on their right hand before leaving their houses. This extremely humiliating act was confirmed by members of the European observation mission, which in August 1992 in the area of Prijedor noticed a white flag on the Bosniak and Croatian homes, so they can be distinguished from the Serbian houses.

Emir Ramić | May 31st, 2017
The big success of young Bosniaks in New York
The first constitutional convention is when the United States Constitution was finally signed and framed. If there were to be another constitutional convention in New York, these are the final proposals that I would want the elected delegates to discuss and develop.

Mersina Ziljkić | May 18th, 2017
Ambassador's Notes: Embassy Sarajevo Views from U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia
Lots of institutions have a hand in addressing threats to citizen security, and it’s essential that they work more closely together. I know there are problems – but my Embassy team has strong relationships with, and respect for, the many dedicated professionals across BiH who are devoted to keeping the people of this country safe. Our support for law enforcement and security forces includes a strong focus on helping them to help you – the individual citizens they serve, and the communities they live and work in.

Maureen Elizabeth Cormack | May 17th, 2017
Again, this film is based on the Bosnian war, but to explain what the film is really about is that Bosnia was left on a mine, waiting to explode. You constantly see how the Bosnian side and Serbian side of the war are always fighting, Serbs using civilians as their targets and bringing about “Ethnic Cleansing”, the UN holding a weapon embargo on Bosnia, leaving them vulnerable to Serbian attack. The Media trying to intervene as much as they can to get the attention of the UN to resolve the matter. In the film, you clearly see one of the superior's, Colonel Soft of the UN playing chess and relaxing knowing that there is a war going on and many reports coming in to resolve issues, but nothing is getting done.

Ammar Krcic | April 11th, 2017
“… Serbs erected Holocaust-like execution camps for Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and Bosnian Catholics (Croats) to cleanse Bosnia from non-Serbs in 1990s...”
Bolstered by Trump’s fear of Muslims and his affinity for Serbs’ closest ally, Putin, Bosnian Serbs are now empowered with a new kind of audacity. They’ve planned a referendum to secede from Bosnia, as early as this year. Bosnia and Melania’s native homeland, Slovenia...

Amra Sabic-El-Rayess | January 16th, 2017
The long read: In Bosnia, an international organisation is digging up mass graves and using cutting edge scientific research to give victims’ families some sense of closure and justice
The task is to locate and exhume the 40,000 people who went missing after the western Balkan wars – the worst carnage to blight Europe since the Third Reich – then to assemble their remains insofar as they can be found, identify them, give them names, and return these dead back to the living for burial.

Ed Vulliamy | December 6th, 2016