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The Humanity of a Bosniak Muslim Doctor in New York
Autor: Bosniaks.Net
Objavljeno: 01. Sep 2019. 19:09:39

A HERO: Dr. Mersim Ziljkic owner of Eurodental office in Astoria, New York

On Saturday, August 31, this year, in New York's popular part, Astoria, which houses the “Eurodental” office of Dr. Mersim Ziljkic, who is one of the well-known Bosniaks and intellectuals in the Bosniak diaspora, who knows for a long time how he has proven himself a great man, an expert in his work and a humanist, and in particular justified his professional calling.

Bosniaks.Net found out, on Saturday afternoon, Dr. Mersim Ziljkic was suddenly on his way to save a child's life. Sometime after 3 p.m., he heard screams and shouts from the street, which his family members, wife and daughters, had carried to the family home, urging him to save a suffocated child on the street. Carried by the Quranic message: "Who saves one human life as if it has saved all mankind," he bolted out of the house, noticing the father of a child who is powerless and panic-stricken, pleading for help to his child, who was motionless on a stroller, giving no signs of life. Dr. Mersim Ziljkic in that breeze, surrounded by a dozen other passers-by, who spontaneously gathered and just shouted, "Doctor, please save his life ...". Doctor Ziljkic takes the baby's hand in speed procedures, checks the pulse, at which point the child rolls his eyes, which was a sign that he was losing his last breathing signs and the battle with life. The clamping jaws of the boy open the pier, to keep the tongue from swallowing it, which would further accelerate choking. The jaw of the little boy in the last twitches and the battle for his life, bite and pinch the fingers of Dr. Ziljkic, who does not give up in his plan, even under severe pain. While keeping his jaw open with his thumb, he feels a thick mass with his index finger, probably of rubber candy or food that clogs his throat and all breathing possibilities. The toddler's father, in panic, sobs and tears, sees that the child has rolled his eyes, parted with this the world, cries to the doctor: "Let him go! Let him go." Dr. Ziljkic, of course, does not give up trying to save the boy, pushing his finger against the thick mass that clogged the esophagus…. He does this speedily, several times and deeper until the finger reaches, opening the way for the toddler to breathe… At that moment, a “wheezing” from the larynx is heard, then slowly, but gradually a slight and stronger coughing escapes… and then the cry of a tired and exhausted toddler!

Dr Ziljkic, all sweaty, tired, sat on the sidewalk in front of the Eurodental practice office. Someone came out of that crowd and added some water ... Others, congratulating him and patting him on the shoulders ....

Dr. Ziljkic merely glanced at the child, his parents - Chinese immigrants, assembled passers-by - witnessing this event, all of whom were crying and joyful, then walked into his "Eurodental" office with a slight step.

With this heroic act, Dr. Ziljkic certainly justified his professional calling, but also as a believer for the Lord of the World to write this work into good works.

Otherwise, Dr. in addition to his professional calling, Mersim Ziljkic is one of the motor forces in the Bosniak community in New York, but is a wakif, idea carrier and general coordinator of the project to build the Shehid Mosque and Islamic Center in his native land, along the shores of Lake Plav Sanjak (Sandžak). He is also the coordinator of numerous humanitarian actions and a spokesman for the Bosniak-American National Association (BANA), an organization whose members work on numerous national capital projects.

Use the services of a business professional and a humanist at work. Eurodental is located at: 30-04 Hobart St, Astoria / Woodside, New York 11377. Phone: +1718-932-0475; +1917 709 5991; E-mail: [email protected]

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