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Autor: Dr. Mustafa Cerić, reisu-l-ulema (1993 - 2012)
Objavljeno: 15. Mar 2019. 21:03:08
Mustafa Ceric, Ph.D.
Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia

(Sarajevo, Mart 15, 2019). New Zealand is my country today. Christchurch is my city. Mosque in New Zealand is my Mosque. Mass shooting today in New Zealand is my shock and my pain. This is happening here in my country. This is taking place here in my backyard. This is hurting me deeply in my heart. I was appalled once again as I was listening to Karadžić sing-song music in the murder’s car as he was going for killing peaceful Muslims in the Mosque in New Zealand. Immediately, images of murderous Serbian Scorpions came to my mind. Those Serbian murderers cold-bloodedly killed six unarmed Bosnian boys while picturing the scenes of murdering them just for a fun of killing them and recording it for the spreading of a fear of terror against those who are not like them.

Indeed, today’s mass shooting in New Zealand is a murderous infection reflected by Karadžić’s sing-song music, which has been already manifested in David Breivik in Norway. Really, the today’s murderer in New Zealand is an evil offspring of an evil father Karadžić and his evil son Breivik. And all of them are offspring of notorious Biblical and Qur’anic Cain who killed his innocent brother Abel out of his sickness of envy.

However, there is a difference between the archaic Cain and modern Serbian Radovan Karadžić, Norwegian David Breivik and New Zealander Brenton Tarant. After all, Cain did understand the gravity of his evil and thus he did confess his sin and sought forgiveness from God. These new Cains are not like that. They neither comprehend the gravity of their evil nor they confess their grave sin. They are Godless as they are Lucifer. They believe, like Lucifer, that what they have done, killed their innocent brother Abel, was right thing to do. And they have no remorse for the evil they have committed against their innocent bother in humanity. This infection of murderous mind is more dangerous than the infectious Ebola disease. It is rapidly spreading all over the world - even in the peaceful, innocent and exemplary New Zealand. Indeed, this Tarant’s message today that even New Zealand is not safe form terror anymore must unite us across all religions, nations, races, cultures, states and world politics to fight the evil that threatens us all.

We, the humanity of common sense, must not allow Cain to prevail.

We, the people of wisdom and courage, must come together in the defense of human life, faith, freedom, property and dignity.

We, the peace loving people, must stand up against madness of modern Cains like Karadžić, Breivik and Tarant who are killing our innocent brothers Abels in Synagogues, Mosques, Churches, Temples, streets, stadiums, etc.

We, the people of mind, must not be foolish to fall into their hateful pit of religious, racial, ethnical, national or any other divide. We must be aware of the danger of this divide which they are digging it now for us.

We must find out the cure for this infection of evil like Ebola disease, otherwise all of us are going to be infected by these mortal disease.

My sincere brotherly appeal today goes to my Muslim brothers all around the world, especially to the Muslim youth in the West to stay calm but vigilant; to remain patient, but detriment to be what they are; to be open to others, but cautious in their talks and walks; to show their empathy to others, but maintain their feelings for themselves and work united toward the peace and security in the world.

My deep condolences are due to the families and friends who lost today their beloved ones. May God Almighty have a mercy on all of them.

Here is one more important message from me for my fellow Muslims everywhere: Read and learn! Work hard and take care of yourself and your family! Be grateful to God and thankful to peaceful people around you.

And, if there are still those among the Muslims in the East and the West, especially among the Muslim youth, who have not fully understood yet the significance of the Great Sheikh Abdullah Bayyah’s genuine voice for the peace and security within the Muslims themselves and the Muslims with others all around the world, then the terrorist event in the Mosque in New Zealand must change their mind and make them appreciate what Sheikh Bin Bayyah is doing on behalf of Muslims around the world. I do understand that very well because I know what means for man to live in peace and what it means to live in war. Peace is blessing and war is curse. My dear brothers, I wish you to be blessed not cursed by the power and mercy of God Almighty.

Of course, this evil in New Zealand must have the name: it’s terrorism against Islam and Muslims. Therefore, we, the Muslims, understand the pain of others as they understand our pain today because no one has the monopoly on pain; no one has the monopoly of righteousness; and no one has the monopoly of naming the evil by its right name - terrorism.

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