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From the pen of the Indonesian poet
Autor: Nia S. Amira
Objavljeno: 22. Dec 2018. 13:12:53

My heart beats faster
Waiting for their coming
My heart can’t calm down
The poison of life will soon arrive

The barrel shoes move stomping
Break through the wooden fence and the main door
Who are they, coming with the rifles jerking?
Blasting hot bullets into the bodies of martyr

Who are they, in those army uniforms?
Slash the plants from the family garden
Stripping innocent women
Leaving tempestuous anger and hatred

Who are they, dozens of men from the neighboring’s village
Those who claim to be soldiers from behind the window’s curtain
Depriving all assets, leaving the scars from time to time
I closed my eyes, I don’t know who they are

Depok, 28 October 2018

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Nia S. Amira | 22.12.2018 13:39
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