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Objavljeno: 30. Aug 2017. 15:08:25

15 % of the population of Myanmar (Burma) is a population of 50 million people.

A vast majority of the remaining population is Buddhist.

The majority of Muslims lives in the country's Arakan District.

The history of the arakan Muslims is full of suffering.

In many periods of history, Buddhist gangs show cruelty, murder, mass arrests, rape cases and torture.

Myanmar won its independence in 1948 by the end of the British administration.

In 1962, the communist general who came to power in a military coup, has mobilised all the resources of the government to destroy the Muslims.

The attacks on Muslims continued to increase in particular after 1948

Buddhist gangs set fire to the house, mosque, businesses and vehicles.

The un civil rights reports have been killed by 20.000 arakan Muslims, thousands of Muslim women were raped by soldiers, police and Buddhist monks.

In this process, the Muslims were seized and the Muslims were forced into the forced migration.

In Public Schools, private books have been published to spread lies and slander about the Islamic religion. In these books, the Muslims are recommended to be killed and killed where they were seen.

In 1978, hundreds of thousands of people were in the woods, and some of them managed to reach neighbouring countries. After the ' 1990 s, Muslims came back to a huge shore, and 200.000 others had to shelter in Bangladesh in 1992

In a very poor Islamic country, Bangladesh is very difficult to help in the land of Burmese refugees, but to help with food and shelter.

In Short, it is still the violence that has come to this date and become a mass genocide, a mass genocide, destruction and migration.

(Facebook profil Mehmet Kocak)

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