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On the occasion of the Day of the Archives of the FBiH and the International Archives Day a solemn ceremony was held in Sarajevo
Objavljeno: 09. Jun 2017. 13:06:00

Dobitnici Bosanskog stećka Arhiva Federacije

For the second time in its history, the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented today in Sarajevo the Bosnian-Herzegovinian awards to the distinguished individuals and institutions in the field of culture that cherish the memory of Bosnian history and in the field of archival science. The professional jury, which was chaired by the director of the Bosnia-Podrinje Archives, Taiba Mehmedbegović, decided that this year’s Bosanski Stećak awards should be presented to the Museum of the Franciscan Archives of the Holy Spirit Fojnica and to the writer Halid Kadrić "for their contribution in preserving the memory of Bosnian history, as well as for promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina" while Reska Mehdin, archivist from Bihać, received a Written Recognition of the Archives of the Federation "for successfully performed activities in the field of archival science and the development of Bosnian archival science."

Fra Janjko Ljubos primio je nagradu od prof. dr. Adamira Jerkovića

Bosnian-Herzegovinian awards were presented to Fr. Janjko Ljuboš, Halid Kadrić and Reska Mehdin on behalf of the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by prof. Dr. Adamir Jerković, who in his short speech, said: "We have an obligation to protect our country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that beautiful, brave and proud country at the crossroads of the worlds. Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is neither in the East nor the West, but, again, is both in the East and the West. Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the crescent moon exists alongside with the orthodox and catholic cross, in which they are intertwined with the crescent moon. It is our eternal destiny and our fate to live with diversity and similarities. We need to bring back our fraternal cooperation and turn our backs once and for all to advocates of division among the peoples. Our awards also contribute to that and we will always try to affirm only the good things that come from our peoples, "said prof. dr. Adamir Jerković at the solemn ceremony on the occasion of the presentation of Bosnian awards.

Arhivistica Reska Mehdin iz Bihaća primila je nagradu od direkora Arhiva Federacije Adamira Jerkovića

Speaking on behalf of the honorees, Halid Kadrić said that "each projected work on spiritual elevation is preceded by visiting archives and libraries, and the more you take from them, the better reward you have upon reaching the goal."

"Some works", said he, "simply cannot be produced without relying on heritage. As an illustration, I will cite the example from my literary work. I wrote a voluminous historical novels, some having even several thousand pages and the time flow covering two centuries, so once can ask if that would have been possible without restoring to and going deep into the past and using historical sources as they are protected and guarded by the archives. For all the breadth and complexity of its activities, the Federal Archives closely monitors not only the work of the archivists but also of external associates and gives awards in the field of archival science and the one it deals with. That is correct, and I, as an author, for an example, received the award Bosnian Stećak”, said Halid Kadrić who was among the honorees.
The ceremony was closed with the opening of the exhibition of the Archives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entitled "Bosnia at the time of Ban Kulin" whose author is senior archivist Admir Hadrović.

Književnik Halid Kadrić i prof.dr. Adamir Jerković

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