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Aisa Purak published her first book titled
Objavljeno: 17. Mar 2017. 17:03:25

Aiša Purak was born in a small, beautiful village called Jastrebac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She attended Gazi Husrev-begova medresa, a girls high school in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina dedicated to religious education. As a refugee from Bosnia, she came to Rochester, New York and started working with the Bosnian community, primarily with women and children. She received her Associates Degree from Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York, in Computer Science in May, 2003. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer of Science from The College at Brockport, State University of New York in May 2009, and in the fall of 2016, she completed her Master of Arts in History there as well.

Aisa Purak published her first book titled “Bosnian Immigrants: Opportunities and Challenges” Her book evaluates the study of a sample of 100 Bosnian families who immigrated to Rochester and found a way to adapt to life in the new society. These Bosnians still face cultural and religious challenges, even after over a decade living here. The book is about the journey of Bosnian Muslim Refugees coming to America and their struggles in making a life in America.

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