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Autor: Bayram H. Koljenovic
Objavljeno: 06. May 2016. 20:05:19

By Bayram H. Koljenovic: It is only matter of time the power structure of the world with no jousters this has led to an odd pyramidal structure where we see the following social order: In the world of turbulent political and religious conflicts we are facing today, it might seem the idea that a Muslim are a Mexican African American could be an American patriot is becoming more and more alien. In this bold and impassioned personal statement, former me Bajram Koljenovic, a Bosnian Muslim, proclaim my own patriotism, to issues a challenge to other Muslim immigrant citizens like himself to stand up and be heard in defense of our United States of America.

Word and United States politics and ideologies know to derail the word economy step-by-step in surgical way procedures.
When readers and friends hear the claim “total collapse of world Economy,” they often refer to the author as a crazies “conspiracy theory,” and something impossible to project or predict a supposition a system of ideas intended to enhances and explain something that is not explainable to an ordinary man. Those of us who predict such negative outcomes for the present system are castigated and for positing out the problems as a fact; we put them forward as a basis of argument. we may be reprimand severely, as myopic in views of the honest and not so educated world we may notes lacking imagination, or intellectual insight, has been seeing with many that “everything is a conspiracy.”
It doesn’t matter how many times we you millions on the other side are correct, the general public is never near to understand the complexity of the functioning world and have no memory’s of current events thay are literally amnesic not paying attention to the past, or even recent scandals and they never will.
Those in thay know it cannot be right a hundred times over, and the public will still choose to believe the system, after the system has openly lied to them a hundred times.
And so the reason of the present system is unsustainable and will collapse due to the fact that the system itself wants the systemic collapse. To the common man, that seems absurd. The common man, using “common man common sense” often; prevalent and he assumes that those at the top think like he does.
Do they not love their families like he? Do they not seek the benefit of their neighbor and the state like he? Do they not seek the prosperity of the nation? Why, anything else would be nonsensical? The great folly of this line of thinking is precisely why man is the common man-the vulgar man that is absolutely lacking sophistication. Hare is old classical notion of the vulgar man was and is uneducated, lower class and common yet honest.
The common man therefore has no knowledge of how the world actually functions. He sees the world through the simplicity and with no curbs it is flat as ocean sadly neither is true for his parochial village most of the inhabitance are having a limited or narrow outlook.
These are the older notion and kingdoms today and are the tapestry of the common, man in this class may be enlightenment not mach just give him the notes’ it is revolutions, ordinary man he is class differences for “equality” replacing the “unfair” caste systems of the medieval world of broken world of yesterday.
Sadly we must confesses reality, is anyone with any modicum of sense must knows, progress and modernity simply replaces the older elites with a new class of elites most of time for the worst. 1992 Yugoslavia today is inferno Lydia Syria Yemen Afghanistan Ukraine Georgia Azabazan.
We may think the transition was from the nobility to the royal or the merchant class no it is not it is from the opportunistic selfish man more correctly the “medieval shepherds ,it come to mind Stalin and most of World rulers are not so dedicated to survive it most be dictatorship” displaced hereditary elite.
Dictatorship” itself is not an objective, neutral power subject to the rule of reason, of the dictatorship is the money power. Remember the Rockefeller family; the West is not run by reason, but the money power. If you predicting the life-cycle of these economical systems patterns based on the analysis of past to a present thinkers you be on the operandi model on the stages of future ballooners and a criminal behavior.
This phase or stage has a limited life cycle because of the nature of the system itself. Granted, Spengler was not able to foresee things like the amazing advancement of technology and the crypto racy, but the overall analysis still holds the brown man would use the white man’s technology to destroy the white man.
That much Spengler appears to have correctly presaged concerning technology, and we will have to wait and see what relations emerge between the brown and white man. Yet in regard to the present empire of the West, the system is unsustainable. The left blames this on “capitalism” flat-out, yet this is not correct.
The system we live under is technically fascism, not capitalism. As Mussolini explained, fascism is corporate socialism, so from this vantage point the people who say the U.S. is becoming socialist are still correct 2016 is the Sanders is the year of changing the America. Whether it’s a private entity taking over, or a public entity centralizing control doesn’t matter in the end, it’s an ultimately a single private power of socialist system and we are all scrod to the bon.
This is why in many and various historical instances, fascism and socialism Nazism, have made agreements and merged. They are not capitalism, though, since capitalism rejects the merger of the public and private, it is as religions and government while retaining the rule of law governing the totality of the social sphere? As pointed out perfectly round and no curb to hold to it is as on-geometrical object in three-dimensional people just have no ideas what to do directions are in please to fill the space that is the surface of a completely government control over the masses.
So is it the Western empire’s leaders’ privet and personal law, which it is built around entirely among the man who are behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.
Just think of a, Fictitious, Fascism an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization, Nazism, Communism notions like “democracy,” and“capitalism,” and the “so call the rule of law,” when it is not applicable to any of them not real or true, thay may be imaginary or having been fabricated.
That actions is as an imperial power and are constantly in tension with the mythos of the empire itself and constant beliefs and assumptions about something is wrong or going to happing. In other words, it is a wall living contradiction.
Everyone knows the destabilization operations in the Middle East are not for the purpose of “freedom.” They are for the service of Wall Street and the economic/corporate power. Just as 1918 British and France and Germans this previous empire were more open about their imperial impetus: they had a mythos of divine dreams of Caesar or Cyrus the Great, and that mythos was an open war divinely ordained to establish the pax romana "Roman Peace") was not applicable in 1918 the long period of peacefulness lasted not a single day we have been in the war for the last 92 years in the Middle East.
The modern empire is a shadow empire in Washington and London and expands under the guise form, appearance, sophisticated manner of strong and consistent presentation of freedom and democracy, while knowing it is very opposite.
All empires do this, but the fundamental buzzwords of the present western world power and the reality of the power are so radically divergent that the imperial mythos can only be sustained so long. The public has to be stepped on dumped down further and further, hoping and tending to be different or develop different directions. So as to keep them stupid and from realizing the system they are under is their own enslavement.
Again, this is the difference of the present-day imperial power’s from the past ware more direct, than present day empire’s which they have the use of high technology and advanced social wafer’s of the masses. Previous empires operated under a crasser, superstitious imperial mythos, and to be sure the present day empire does the same, but it has become infinitely more sophisticated.
Than past Empires’ whom are lacking sensitivity, understanding refinement, or and intelligence. So all civilizations past and present eventually move toward the cliff and blindly fall, but the present system has reached a (nadir) the lowest point in the happiness of life and fortunes of a person’s or governments of the World.
Sadly that has ensures its own humane collapse, we may argue, due to the immensity of the lie and the constant action of distorting the political propaganda. Watt is needed is analysis tube castigated as a moral critique of the present system and reprimand ane one and (someone) severely. It is not. Analysis is never-ending grasp at objectivity grows slowly. From the analytical perspective, the system’s in the world as is, it is simply unsustainable not because capitalism is unsustainable, but because the global corporate western power is fascistic and power hungry.
It must always go to extreme lengths to prop up the propaganda that fit the need and greed, so it may not be today washbowl all do it is in order to eventually self-destruct. The difference between the modern-day American “right” present days European Union and analysis is that to the modern “right,” is this sounds to you counter-intuitive it may be.
It appears counter-intuitive in fact to say that the system desires unknowingly its own self collapse from the in. in this instance the coming man is only one to the challenge to left, the coming collapse signifies that (they think) the collapse of global capitalism, yet both wealthy and crooked politicians’ the mainline left and right are wrong, specify extending the respect in which all intended statement is genially true all do it is far from the thrust as the current system in this case has already projected its own world demise for the purpose of establishing a new system of control it is Gorge Bush World order mythical dreams.
This is summed up in what the alternative news circles accurately refer to as problem-reaction-solution, or order out of chaos. It has been attempted III times in past history and sadly has failed in other words, not only does the system not want a good challenging and profitable crisis to go to waste, but the system often desires on intended crises.
Crises in politics are often the greatest things the status quo can utilize just think of President Kennedy the Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis, the Caribbean Crisis, or the Missile Scare, was a 13 day confrontation between the United States and the Europe and Soviet Union concerning Soviet ballistic missiles deployment in Cuba and Ronald Regan Berlin Wall, George W. Bush’s ratings following 9/11.
This is one of the oldest tricks in the books, evident in the fact that the “October Surprise” has now entered common parlance. It was not definitely not fluent calm and collective and steadies in the moment of crisis the reactions of country and the President was as a teenager panicking for racing mums car, no matter how cool we think we are strong and must not lose are cull in time of Crisis’ from the 1992 to present it has been one fiasco after the other. Yugoslavia war Afghanistan War Iraq war, Somalia. Ukraine, Yemen, Israelis’ and, Gaza, Ultimate touch of the world shamefulness is reaching boiling point of Syria war.
Shall we all predict humanity forgone misshape of course not humanity has been in mach more stuffer and fat and carless time’s this is just one of the journey we have to swim with it is not for shore all of us are going to make it. so stop thinking and prediction of systemic collapse of the world and your Country thay are some pleases and country to lock up to therefore in are neighborhood Canada In Europe Norway ,Sweden, Finland, only some of them Costa Rica Taiwan, Dubai ,Kazakhstan and Luxembourg. What is that we rest of the world do not understand isn’t something primarily made due to economic prognosticators, though they are correct and should be listened to.
The basis for thinking there will be a collapse is much more sophisticated than just economics and rest of the world is of the cliff. Rest of us must have a sense for understanding of the culture, media, propaganda, that is insulting masses what is it human praxis it must be Series, assessments registration in are mind and evaluating test scores of etch of individually.
When all this hurdles of mountainous problem are taken into account, it becomes evident that the most of the world suffers from the Melanoma cancer not in a form of the sickness’ it is in the sense of political present system world problems is as a cancer and it is terminal if solutions are not find soon, it will be Economical total collapse. The important factor to stress that makes and breaks analysis in some forms unique is that the world Thinkers and the unstable system itself is not set for watt is coming for the coming year system is going to collapse.
All do you will not see them spick of it as counter-intuitive and “conspiratorial” as this sounds, the reality is that the future model of a “scientific dictatorship” and breakaway civilization can only arise from the ashes of the present system common-sense expectation from the coming people’s but often miss unrest stud nevertheless true.
This is the alchemical “great work” geo-politically and the esoteric meaning of the phoenix for geo-politics. The new man must arise from a new world order. It is just a desire for the better world, not some medieval scamming chemical scientist and speculative philosopher aiming to achieve the transmutation of the read hoot base metals into 999 gold; it is only one way out most of us have one way ticket sop line or the secure fitches for families.
For this to happen the present system must be destroyed and greedy man of capitalism blamed. This is not to say communism and fascism and Marxism is good, or that it has “won.” Almost china is proving as wrong Cultural China Marxism has won – the social ideas of the left and the other sides have gained the upper hand, yet the top-down authoritarian control of the communist system call it what you want communist and fascists has won.
It is only matter of time the power structure of the world with no jousters this has led to an odd pyramidal structure where we see the following social order: In the world of turbulent political and religious conflicts we are facing today, it might seem the idea that a Muslim are a Mexican African American could be an American patriot is becoming more and more alien. In this bold and impassioned personal statement, former me Bajram Koljenovic, a Bosnian Muslim, proclaim my own patriotism, to issues a challenge to other Muslim immigrant citizens like himself to stand up and be heard in defense of our United States of America.
Have you ever noticed how the best dreams often are destroyed by unexpected moment, and the dreams are shattered this change often goes dead and unnoticed in the most of the ignorant world or in a person’s eye? When the opinionated citizens of the world are considered danger and when tyranny and injustice becomes law of the Land, Citizen Resistance becomes absolutely a duty. 2016 and 2017 maybe the year we have to stand together to protect the Constitution of are United States of America.

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