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Autor: AA
Objavljeno: 05. Jul 2013. 15:07:07
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that anywhere in the world, military coups against democratically elected governments were bad as they target the people and democracy, regarding recent incidents in Egypt.

Speaking at the "Congress of Turkish scientists living abroad", Erdogan said democracy must be immediately implemented in Egypt and all political segments must join elections. During his speech, he also underlined that those who trust media and the weaponry in their hands, cannot bring democracy, adding that those who exert effort to cover up coups and remain silent to these, were as responsible as the coup makers.

He said, "Condemners of nation's choice are not different than dictators."

Reminding Turkish coup d'etats from history, Erdogan said, "Every military coup cost Turkey decades, crippling national economy. Coup makers in Turkish history have succeeded in taking over administration but never reached their ultimate goals. Leaders and supporters of coups in Egypt must remember those realities from Turkish history."

Erdogan also stressed that European Parliament disregards its own values by not calling the military intervention in Egypt as a coup d'etat.

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