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Autor: BIRN
Objavljeno: 28. Apr 2010. 18:04:12
The State Prosecution begins presenting material evidence at the trial of Vinko Kondic, Marko Adamovic and Bosko Lukic, who are charged with crimes committed in the Kljuc area.

Prosecutor Dzemila Begovic presented 19 pieces of material evidence. Most of them were conclusions and decisions made by the Assembly of Serbian People in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Krajina Autonomous Region during 1992.

The Prosecution included in the case file a decision rendered by the Kljuc Municipal Assembly in January 1992, by which the municipality was attached to the Krajina Autonomous Region, which the Prosecutor described as "an action executed within a joint criminal enterprise".

"The decision was made in a legal manner. Relating it to the joint criminal enterprise is absurd," Milan Trbojevic, Defence attorney of Bosko Lukic said.

The State Prosecution charges Vinko Kondic, Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic, former members of the Crisis Committee of Kljuc municipality, with having participated in organizing a group of people and abetting them to commit genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the municipality.

Kondic, former Chief of the Public Safety Station in Kljuc and a member of the Municipal Executive Board of the Serb Democratic Party, SDS, is charged with participation in a joint criminal enterprise, in collaboration with other SDS members and military and civil authorities, with the aim of removing the non-Serb population from that area.

The Prosecution charges Lukic and Adamovic with having "planned, prepared, initiated, assisted and participated in a persecution campaign" targeted against the non-Serb population of Kljuc municipality from April to December 1992. They allegedly did this in collaboration with other members of the Crisis Committee.

An official record issued by the Main SDS Board in December 1991 was also presented in court. The document contained instructions to municipal SDS branches "pertaining to organization and functioning of Serb people's bodies in extraordinary situations".

The Prosecution read an order issued by the Fifth Corps of the Yugoslav National Army, JNA, in January 1991, pertaining to the establishment of Stara Gradiska Collection Camp.

The indictment alleges that in November 1991 indictee Kondic undertook actions to stop a convoy of refugees from Slunj, Croatia. After this, members of the Public Safety Station in Kljuc "took out and deprived Croat men, capable of serving the military, of their liberty", tortured them in the Public Safety Station in Kljuc and transported them to "Stara Gradiska" detention camp.

Vinko Kondic's Defence did not object to the presentation of this piece of evidence, claiming that the document proved that the detention camp was "controlled by the military forces".

The next hearing, at which the State Prosecution will continue presenting material evidence, is due to take place on May 4 this year.

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