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Autor: B92
Objavljeno: 02. Nov 2009. 11:11:18
Nebojša Medojević, of the leaders of opposition in Montenegro, has repeated his accusations against the Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović.

Medojević, who has announced that the opposition in that country, including his Movement for Change, would unite, told B92 that there was evidence that Đukanović in 2005 called on his immunity in order to avoid a cigarette smuggling and money laundering investigation launched by the Italian Ministry Of Justice.

He also claims that the investigation of the murder of the Croatian publisher and journalist Ivo Pukanić "will lead to Montenegro".

“The charges brought up in Zagreb read that Pukanić was murdered because he had been writing about the criminal groups and mafias in the region. The most powerful criminal organization in the Balkans today is the one operating in Montenegro. Not because it is powerful by itself, but because the state and state services are behind it, and because it has enormous capital,” Medojević claims.

“If the cartel is ready to spend EUR 100mn to finance the biggest shopment of cocaine this year in both Europe and the world, than one can only imagine how powerful they are,” he continued.

“Mister Pukanić was one of the witnesses in the trial in Bari and he is not the first witness to be liquidated, nor is he the first journalist to be killed for writing about the Tobacco Mafia. Duško Jovanović was also murdered in Montenegro,” stated Medojević, in reference to the slain editor of Podgorica's daily Dan.

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