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A moment of truth...
Autor: Bosniaks.Net
Objavljeno: 27. Dec 2007. 00:12:00

Serbian chetnik with nife in mouth
Minister of Defence of Serbia, Mr. Dragan Sutanovac, publicly called upon the Deputy High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a certain Mr. Raffi Gregorian, to provide substance to his most recent claims that Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic are hiding in Serbia. Further, Minister Sutanovac stated that if he knew where, in Serbia, Mladic and Karadzic were, that the authorities would act in accordance with the rules.

Let us take Minister Sutanovac’s words at face value. He may well be a decent human being, an educated and professional leader in the government of Serbia, and an honest Serbian patriot who prefers to have the name of his nation unstained by the bloody crimes of those who were hell-bent on dragging all of the Serbian nation into the basement of modern civilization.

We believe that Minister Sutanovac is sincere in his statements. Further, we respect him as a human being. However, there is a fundamental question here that begs for an open debate. Why does Serbia need Ministry of Defence?

That, we believe, is one of the most fundamental questions in this quagmire of genocide, murder in first degree, gang rape, break-and-enter, grand theft of real estate, wanton destruction, theft and pilfering, all on a scale of massive proportions, committed by Serbs with the help of their Montenegrin brethren.

When was the last time Slovenia attacked Serbia? The answer is never.
When was the last time Croatia attacked Serbia? The answer is never.
When was the last time Bosnia and Herzegovina attacked Serbia? The answer is never.
When was the last time Kosovo attacked Serbia? The answer is never.
When was the last time Macedonia attacked Serbia? The answer is never.

On the other hand, these are the facts of the recent history:

Serbia (under the guise of Yugoslavia) attacked Slovenia in 1991, resulting in some 80 people killed and $ 5 Billion damage.

Serbia (under the guise of Yugoslavia) attacked Croatia in 1991, resulting in mass murder of many thousands and damages to infrastructure in the order of $ 50 Billion.

Serbia (under the guise of Yugoslavia, and supported by their Montenegrin brethren in crime) attacked Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, resulting in genocide, mass murder of 200,000 civilians, gang rape of some 30,000 women, and overall destruction of a country estimated at over $ 100 Billion.

Serbia (under the guise of Yugoslavia) first attacked Kosovo in 1979 by way of dismissing all of the Albanians of Kosovo from positions of authority in health and education, which was followed by a quiet military operation of purging entire areas of Kosovo of native Albanian population. That aggression lasted all the way through 1999 when it was stopped by NATO.

Serbia threatened to attack Macedonia after proclamation of her independence from the former Yugoslavia, but never got around to doing it as it was keeping itself busy murdering people in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

Given this indisputable history of use of evil, brutal and lethal force against the neighbours that have never harmed Serbia, the question, rather, poses itself.


The answer is simple. Serbia does not need Ministry of Defence. Serbia needs Ministry of Peace, Justice and Cooperation to repair what can be repaired in terms of relations with the neighbours. Further, Serbia needs Ministry of National Mental Health in order to purge the evil from the minds of masses. As well, Serbia needs Ministry of Truth and Reconciliation, based upon the South-African model, to recognize and accept that in the name of Serbia most heinous crimes have been committed against her neighbours, not for decades but for centuries. Let the healing process begin!

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