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Objavljeno: 25. Dec 2007. 00:12:00
President of the Association “Woman Victim of War” (Zena zrtva rata), Bakira Hasecic, is very satisfied with the arrest, today, of a certain Momir Savic, suspected of war crimes against humanity committed in the area of Visegrad.

“We are very satisfied, although he was roaming free”, stated Hasecic for FENA.

She added that Momir Savic, called Vojvoda, or “Duke”, is the closest ally of Milan Lukic who today resides in The Hague (prison).

President of the Association “Woman Victim of War” has stated that Savic arrived in Visegrad from Slovenia several years before the aggression upon BiH and that he “immediately acted radically”, by way of murdering Bosniak civilians, even those who tried to find safety in the free territory of Medjedja, then by way of imprisoning and rape of women.

“We have, for years, kept issuing statements with regard to Momir Savic and finally, based upon great tenacity of the victims, eyewitnesses and evidence, they were able to apprehend him today”, said Hasecic. She particularly mentions how this Association took a photograph of the Savic’s house and, in writing, demanded of him to advise where a boy by the name of Himzo (Hamed) Oprasic, who disappeared without a trace having been found to be missing in the column of 800 civilians, who left the village of Okrugla on their way to Medjedja, was.

“Himza’s mother, Mujesira, and I have written and delivered our letter to his mother and left contact telephone number for him to help and say where the little Himzo was, but he never replied”, says Hasecic.

She particularly emphasizes that Momir Savic committed horrendous and heinous crimes specifically in the area of Rudo, as he hails from Rudo and Visegrad, “so that, from Strgacina, all the way to Strmica, and further, all those who were murdered were murdered under his command and that of his allies”, whose names she would not disclose today “as they are now been processed”.

Members of SIPA have, following a warrant issued by a prosecutor from the Team No. 3, of the Special Department for War Crimes of the Office of Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, today arrested Momir Savic (nee 1952), on charges of committing crimes against humanity upon victims of Bosniak nationality, in the area of Visegrad, in 1992.

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