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About Bosniaks.Net
Esteemed visitors,

Es-selamu 'aleikum! - We greet you in peace!

Welcome to the web site that speaks about Bosniaks and Bosnia-Hercegovina.
It is a desire of the Bosnjaci.Net web magazine's editorial board to present our history, culture, religion, as well as the most current political currents and occurrences among us, as Bosniaks are all too often mistakenly called "Bosnian Muslims" in public and media - by wrong name which is deeply disliked and historically incorrect label for the Bosniak nation, imposed on Bosniaks forcibly in 1974 as an part of political compromise for peace in the midst of Serbo-Croatin haggle for power and domination in former Yugoslavia.

On these pages, we present you primarily the millennium-old homelands of the Bosniaks - The Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina as a whole since its recorded begginings in the 8th century as well as ancient Sandzak, always a part of Bosnian cultural diversity and religious variety, contemporary Kosovo, as well as all other lands and places where good Bosniaks have been living for centuries now or still continue to live peacefully with others.

As a part of our dedication to truth and justice, web magazine Bošnjaci.Net will continue to publish true, well documented and proven court-released and other materials on genocide against Bosniaks and all other crimes committed over other Bosnian citizens by the aggressor(s) on Bosnia-Hercegovina namely people who frequently expropriated the name of Serbs or Croats and the Christianity as a whole, but were nothing more than fascists and criminals, as it was consequently proved.
It is also your duty, whoever or wherever you are, not to keep the truth in the dark, but to bring it up and into the light and scrutiny of common humanity.

From you, dear readers, we expect full support, not only with your visits to this site, but through your active feedback, which has in the past always resulted in the good quality, highly objective work on the part of Bošnjaci.Net.

We want you to send us your comments and opinions from your own surroundings.

If you happened to live in Bosnia-Hercegovina write us about your settlement. If you are living as one of the constitutional nations of Bosniaks either in Sandzak, or in Kosovo, write to us about your hearth and homeland.

If you live in diaspora, somewhere abroad, far away from Bosnia, tell us about your day-to-day situation, activities, opinions, communities and organizations of Bosniaks in your place of residence.

And if you are not related in any way to Bosnia, but only saw it through TV coverage - I invite you: "Come see the Bosnia, the home to 1 Winter Olympic Games, 2 Nobel Award Winners, intersection of 3 world religions, the land of great cuisine, great people and wonderfull mountains."

You see, the main idea of our founders was that "every one of our visitors should be also one of our contributors" in our everlasting goal of justice, peace and understanding in the cultural, political and religious diversity of the contemporary global world.

So a little of your time, a pick of your brains on the contemporary events of today as all interesting texts, documents, old and new photos are welcomed and opened to all, as are our door so don t hesitate!
We publish in English, Turkish, and German for now.

Your objective opinions and sincere contributions and media cover up on Bosniaks, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Sandzak, Kosovo and international Bosniak diaspora will find their place on our pages.
However, we also write about the world in general, since the Bosniaks are indeed a citizens of the world today. But for the reasons we all understand - we have speciall focus on Bosnia, Bosnian current situation and genocide committed against Bosniaks.

Tell the truth about the most terrible holocaust committed on the European soil after the World War II and whose victims were people just like you, Bosniaks by dedication to their ancient European land and Muslims by their free religious choice.


Edited by the editorial board.

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Every opinion stated in the texts is not the opinion of Bošnjaci.Net collegium and associates!

Web magazine Bošnjaci.Net officialy started with its work on January 25th 2003. godine.